Friday, February 6, 2009

Festival Season Fast Approaching

Cool City Car Classic 2007. Image courtesy David Smith
It's a bit warmer today and a perfect time to begin thinking about our summer and autumn festivals.

The Cool City Classic Car Cruise night is Friday night, June 26
The Cool City Classic Car Show is coming up on Saturday June 27, no pre-registration needed.

Community Care Day is on FRIDAY this year: August 7th. With the ping pong ball drop at 3:00 PM. Sign up your organization today by calling our office for an application 920-794-1482 or better yet, email us at

Ethnic Fest. Image courtesy Jeff Dawson.
Ethnic Festival, Saturday September 19th. Both craft vendor packets and food vendor packets are available in our office, 3rd floor, City Hall. Or by emailing us, or call and we can snail mail you an app.
Ethnic Fest. Image courtesy Jeff Dawson.

It's not even too early to begin thinking about the 2009 Christmas Fantasy Parade Saturday November 28th. Again, call, email or stop in to get your application.

For other Two Rivers festivals and events please visit the City website at

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  1. Yo! How about a pic from last year's festival(s)? Email me the double-secret-probation log-in info and I'll post something.