Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Cove Family Restaurant open in Two Rivers

Good news for downtown Two Rivers, the Cove Family Restaurant has opened its doors! The Cove is located at 1415 16th Street, beneath Club Atlantis (the old TR Elks Club). Phone is 920-553-2677.

The cove is owned and operated by Mel & Noel Croslan who relocated here from Door County. They provide dine in service, pickup service and catering for your next function or party.

The menu is a nice mix of sandwich favorites with soups & salads and appetizers up to full tenderloin steak dinners & pizzas. Everything is reasonably priced IMHO.

The Cove is open for your dining pleasure Monday through Thursday from 4 PM to 10 PM and Friday, Saturday & Sundays from noon to 10 PM.

Please give the Cove a try and log your reviews on this blog.

Bon Apetit


  1. I have not had an opportunity to eat there yet, but a couple of other folks did and they said it was very good...the food (burgers I think) were very tasty. I'm hoping to give them a try early next week.

  2. Went there tonight, and it was nice. Owner/chef was very friendly, and his two little daughters were angels. Their fries are homemade, as are the chicken strips...actual strips of chicken breast in a very light breading - yum. Had a pizzaburger that was very good - two burgers with a layer of pepperoni between them and pizza sauce and grated mozzarella cheese on the top. Heard the other customers talking about a delicious pork roast they served as a special the other night with mushrooms and ground pepper over the top. If they added a couple of wraps to their menu, my tail would be wagging even more!

  3. Nice to have a place like this in Two Rivers. Great food and friendly family atmosphere-- chef came over to visit at our table. I ordered one of their specialty burgers, stuffed with cheese and bacon, and my wife ordered the steak. Both were delicious! Be sure to place an order for their home-made potato chips served with a side of sour cream-- they are incredible and worth the trip alone!!! We'll be heading back soon.

  4. Word of mouth travels fast, so as we were traveling we heard about this place and stopped in. We tried the rib-eye steak they were excellent!! The owner/chef was really friendly and made sure everything was prepared correctly and tasted good. The only thing we can warn you about is dont request american cheese because they "Dont sell fake California cheese there its all WISCONSIN cheese only ;)"

  5. Had their burgers which were delicious. They have home fries which are very rare anymore. The service and food get an A+.